Monday, June 29, 2009

My first blog post!

Hey guys! It's Toby here and I finally made a blog. I know that you all just want to read about my crazy adventures right? Okay, well, today when I woke up I went out to go to the bathroom right? And then when I came back in to see my human she couldn't open her left eye! then her mom told her she had this thing call conjunctavitus so they had to go to the eye doctor. before they left though I pooped on the floor and got yelled at and put in my cage.

Anywho, after my human came home she was yelling cause she can't wear her contacts for a few weeks and she has no glasses (cause i chewed them up .. shh!!) so she can't see a thing! I guess it will be a while until we can play the rough games. And get this! the eye doctor told her that she is legally blind because her vision is so bad! they said that her vision is 20/400!! Crazy stuff, right?!

Ok! I'm going to go chase my tail some more,